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The CES Ltd team is often called in to kit out new build office properties, or existing properties which have undergone major refurbishment or a change of use, with all the essential electrical installations and infrastructure. As the Sussex area’s go-to team of commercial electricians and industrial electricians, it’s somewhat a speciality of ours; not all electrical contractors offer the kind of complete electrical service required for these extensive projects. Ours takes in a huge range of skills, allowing us to serve as everything from aircon contractors to refrigeration contractors, in addition to carrying out essential services like commercial rewires and the fitting/testing of fire alarms.


This article looks at the different electrical considerations that need to be taken into account during the design phase. While it might seem like a lot that needs doing… don’t worry. Our skilled electrical contractors provide advice and assistance to clients at every juncture. Its our aim to handle all aspects of your electrical installation, wiring and fit out – so that you can worry about more important things pertaining to your business.


Should you require us for any of the services we offer as commercial electricians and industrial electricians, such as commercial rewires or installation of fire alarms, or indeed in our capacity as aircon contractors and refrigeration contractors – just pick up the phone and call us on 01273 515522 or 07855 484553.


Electrical Considerations for New Office Properties


Lighting – While you need to ensure that there’s enough lighting so your workplace is productive and safe, you don’t want to implement so many fixtures that you cause light pollution, which can actually reduce visibility. What’s more, this would result in your energy bills being much higher than they need to be.


We recommend Sussex property owners opt for LED lighting over halogen bulbs, which have much short lifespans and are 20% less energy efficient. They also produce a lot of heat, which can be a safety risk. Our electrical contractors can draw up a complete, detailed lighting plan which will ensure that your premises is perfectly lit, and neither too dim nor in danger of suffering from light pollution. Implementing easy-to-use controls is also important.


Consumer Units – Commercial and industrial consumer units are a bit different from domestic units, chiefly in the amount of power “under the hood”. A typical domestic consumer unit simply doesn’t have the capability of dealing with such a high demand for power. That’s why some electrical contractors do not supply and install them. But CES Ltd does! We can help figure out exactly the type Of electrical installations which will best suit your needs, and won’t break the bank.


Wiring & Outlets – Older office properties around Sussex often lack outlets, and as such have come to rely on extension cords. While they’re a useful, short-term solution – they shouldn’t be abused. They can quite easily overload an outlet which could lead to a significant safety hazard, either a fire or a painful electrical shock. A big part of what we do as commercial electricians and industrial electricians, is ensuring that you have ample outlets for computers, electrical appliances, chargers etc.


We can solve these types of problem, and replace old, unsafe wiring with its modern successor via commercial rewires. We’re equally capable of carrying out fresh wiring and electrical installations for recently constructed office properties.


Aircon – With global temperatures on the rise, and the most recent summer being one of Sussex’s hottest in memory, it’s becoming increasingly important to incorporate air conditioning systems within office properties. As aircon contractors, we can design, install, maintain and repair quality air conditioning systems which will keep your workforce and/or clients cool, calm and collected.


There are many benefits to calling in our aircon contractors. Aircon will you keep worker morale high and ensure that people can work efficiently (we all know how hard it is to work in sweltering heat). This has a knock-on effect on employee retention.


Refrigeration – This is a lot more niche, as many companies around Sussex have no need for large refrigeration systems. But any that sells goods that need to be kept at low temperature, often food companies etc, need a reliable system that will prove fit-for-purpose while not eating too much energy and causing bills to skyrocket. Alongside the more typical services we provide as commercial electricians and industrial electricians, we are refrigeration contractors. We can find the ideal system for you, and install it as well as provide any required ongoing maintenance and repairs. After all, we do offer a complete electrical service!


Fire Alarms – Required by law, fire alarms are important enough in domestic households, but in offices and factories where perhaps even hundreds of people are working – and stock or computers with important information on are sitting – they’re perhaps even more essential. Especially when you consider that commercial properties can be susceptible to fire risks, with so many different people under one roof.


That’s why we install, repair and maintain high-spec fire alarms which are incredibly reliable and won’t fail when you need them most. Be sure to think about where fire alarms should be positioned, to ensure proper coverage (crucially, of high-risk areas like kitchens).


For everything from commercial rewires to the installation of fire alarms, call the Sussex area’s trusted commercial electricians on 01273 515522 or 07855 484553.

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