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Perhaps the most essential part of we do as the trusted electrical contractors for Kent and its surrounds, is ensuring that business premises are 100% safe when it comes to their electrics. But it’s not uncommon for our crack team of commercial electricians and industrial electricians to attend to a property and find it riddled with hazards, from botched electrical installations to faulty wiring. That’s why in this article, we’ve looked to provide some safety tips and advice, from the perspective of a time-served electrician.


If you’re more interested in a more specific area of what we do, for example the work we carry out in our capacity as aircon contractors, refrigeration contractors – or other aspects of our complete electrical service, like the installation of fire alarms or commercial rewires – then this may not be completely relevant to you. So go ahead and pick up that phone and call 01273 515522 or 07855 484553.


Electrical Safety Tips for Companies in Kent


Train Employees


While you can certainly make your workplace’s infrastructure safe with the help of electrical contractors, perhaps the most effective way to safeguard against any electrical safety incident occurring is to train your team. Electrical safety training will ensure workers can identify and point out any emerging hazards before they worsen, and ensure they don’t cause an issue themselves (e.g heavily overloading power outlets).


Regularly Inspect Appliances & Connections


We gladly handle electrical safety inspections on behalf of Kent clients, and while it’s a great idea to have trained commercial electricians or industrial electricians in to carry out professional checks from time to time, you can also carry out very rudimentary inspections yourself. If an electrical connection, appliance or wiring shows any worrying signs – such as sparking, or being hot to the touch, or simply looks as if it’s been tampered with – then you can call in our electrical contractors to take a closer look, before an accident occurs.


Invest in Regular Maintenance


A lack of regular maintenance, like PAT testing and the testing of fire alarms, is often the reason why certain Kent premises we’re called to are found to be riddled with hazards and risks. Things like the aforementioned testing of fire alarms can be carried out in-house, but more complex maintenance procedures should be conducted by professionals. If you have refrigeration units, then you’ll want dedicated refrigeration contractors. If you have an air con system, you’ll want dedicated aircon contractors etc.


Regular maintenance from skilled electrical contractors can also extend the lifespan of your consumer units and wiring, meaning you can avoid having to invest in commercial rewires for a long, long time. So if you’re in Kent and it’s been a while since your electrical infrastructure has been inspected by trained electrical contractors, why not give us a call?


As a team of specialist commercial electricians and industrial electricians, who altogether eschew domestic work, we have the skill set required to see to all aspects of your premises’ electrics. While some companies around Kent claim to offer a complete electrical service, but have gaps in their knowledge, we genuinely do! This includes serving as refrigeration contractors, aircon contractors, a specialist for fire alarms and everything in between.


Extra Tips for Avoiding an Electrical Accident


Install More Plug Sockets


Extension leads should only ever be a temporary fix and shouldn’t be relied upon long-term. Overloading a socket could cause a fire, which would be utterly devastating, risking the health of you, your staff and customers – as well as the well-being of your property, stock and wider business. Instead, have our commercial electricians and industrial electricians install extra plug sockets so you can safely meet your energy consumption needs.


Flammable Materials


Another easy way to further protect your premises, is to ensure that flammable materials are not near any electrical installations or outlets. An electrical fault that leads to a wire sparking is problematic, but infinitely more so if the sparks can reach flammable materials. It’s something that any Kent client can do, and doesn’t require the expertise of our electrical contractors. Side note: regularly check fire alarms to ensure they’re in working order. If the worst does happen, at least you can be alerted of the problem and deal with it quickly.


Damaged Appliances


We urge any Kent business owner to avoid using damaged electrical installations and appliances. Get them repaired or replaced by our professional aircon contractors, refrigeration contractors (depending on the damaged appliance) etc. It’s not worth the risk to continue using them!


So call us today on 01273 515 522 or 07855 484 553. As the Kent area’s favoured electrical contractors, we provide an expert service at highly competitive prices.

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