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To provide clients with the complete electrical service, CES Ltd covers Sussex, Surrey, Kent and all UK locations as a small but professional team of commercial electricians. Based in Newhaven, our electrical contractors serve the needs of diverse client base. We perform electrical installations to BS7671:2015 standards and provide your projects with SSSTS supervisors, safety consultants and personnel with CSCS cards for a full package experience.


Local areas in the South East region covered by our commercial electricians include Crawley, Eastbourne, East Grinstead, Hastings, Horsham and Sevenoaks to name just a few.


Whereas domestic electricians look after the installation, maintenance and repair of power supplies to residential properties, the role of commercial electrical contractors is to install and maintain power supplies to businesses and organisations – often for air conditioning and refrigeration systems. Their work also includes full and partial commercial rewires.


There are several key differences between domestic and commercial installations:


• Electrical installations for businesses often use a three-phase power supply compared to the single-phase system used in residential properties

• The higher power requirements of a business require commercial electricians to use a range of different outlets, switches and types of insulation

• Complete electrical services in the commercial sector cover a more complex range of installations, such as data networks and security systems

• Commercial installations in Sussex, Surrey and Kent use detailed schematics and require a more specialised form of commissioning and testing


The electrical contractors at CES Ltd have already served business clients in the Crawley, Eastbourne, East Grinstead, Hastings, Horsham and Sevenoaks areas – and nationwide – for over 30 years. Like all commercial electricians in the region, we comply with legislation in our sector by having our work certificated and assessed as a registered NICEIC contractor.


Our Role as Commercial Electrical Contractors


Because we also trade as industrial electricians, it’s important to make distinctions between this side of our business and our role as commercial electricians. Electrical installations and maintenance projects in the industrial sector focus on plant and machinery. These types of work see CES Ltd providing complete electrical services in factories and machine shops.


Our electrical contractors also troubleshoot, maintain and repair industrial electrical installations. Their work helps to keep businesses more productive.


Commercial electricians work in a broader range of business environments, such as offices, hospitals, showrooms, public buildings, schools and universities – either locally in Sussex, Surrey and Kent, or further afield in the UK. Their work also includes electrical installations for shop refurbishments. Many projects involve air conditioning, refrigeration and security, including the fitting of CCTV systems, access systems, burglar alarms and fire alarms.


And, in a modern commercial sector where the transfer of information is critical for so many businesses, our electrical contractors also specialise in data communication networks. This type of work further involves cable containment for telephone, server room and IT systems. Supporting services provided in the Crawley, Eastbourne, East Grinstead, Hastings, Horsham and Sevenoaks areas include electrical maintenance, repairs, commissioning and testing.


We think you’ll struggle to find a more complete electrical service – regionally or nationally.


Skills and Qualifications


Commercial electricians share many of the same skills as domestic electricians, and many of the same qualifications. It is further education in their field, however, which sets most commercial electrical contractors apart. An understanding of a three-phase power supply is just the beginning. It takes many years of training to structure an electrical supply in a business environment so that all systems work reliably and to the design specification.


Electrical wiring for an air conditioning system or a data communications network differs greatly from that of a residential property in Sussex, Surrey or Kent. For a start, there is more demand with commercial electrical installations than there is domestically because, in a work setting, most equipment runs at the same time during longer business hours.


In comparison, homes only require a small amount of power for small parts of the day.


The main objective at CES Ltd is to deliver a complete electrical service to commercial clients both locally and nationwide. If you need a team of commercial electricians for a project in Crawley, Eastbourne, East Grinstead, Hastings, Horsham or Sevenoaks, we want to hear for you. CES Ltd powers your business with electrical installations which cover everything from the way you heat or cool your room space to the lights, the computers and the fire alarms.


CES Ltd has the following accreditation:


• Dedicated Health and Safety Consultants

• Compliant with BS7671:2015

• SSSTS Site Supervisors

• Electrical Contractors with CSCS Cards

• UKPIA Standard Training for Work on Petrol Forecourts


For services in Sussex, Surrey, Kent and any UK location, contact our commercial electrical contractors on 01273 515522 or 07855 484553.

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