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Aircon Contractors in Kent, Sussex and Surrey

Located in Newhaven, CES Ltd is a supplier and installer of air conditioning systems to clients in nearby Eastbourne and the surrounding Sussex, Surrey and Kent areas. We also provide coverage across the UK. Our aircon contractors work with a full range of HVAC electrical installations. Our objective as a company is deliver a comfortable and healthy workplace for your staff and your customers with protection for temperature-sensitive materials.


HVAC installations reinforce our commitment to clients, and show why CES Ltd is such a trusted service provider with clients who insist on the complete electrical service.


Our aircon contractors have experience in wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted, ducted, cassette-recessed and heat recovery systems. Installations provide businesses with first-class heating and cooling performance, optimal efficiency, superior air quality and reduced noise levels. These are unique client benefits that hallmark all of our HVAC electrical installations.


We already have a series of successful installations behind us, and look forward to meeting new clients from Eastbourne, Sussex, Surrey and Kent – and nationwide – to help them with their individual needs and requirements; both now and into the distant future.


HVAC Installations | A Complete Electrical Service


The aircon contractors as CES Ltd install HVAC systems in new commercial builds or perform in-situ replacements during property refurbishments. It is the purpose of our company to survey the site, consult with you and recommend an air conditioning unit to suit the needs of your business. Because we offer a complete electrical service as a single company of electricians, CES has everything in place to keep commercial space suitably air-conditioned.


From the assessment of business properties in Eastbourne and the surrounding Sussex, Surrey and Kent areas, all the way through to helping with a choice of system, our aircon contractors have your supply, installation, maintenance and repair needs covered.


Our aircon contractors install commercial air conditioning systems in offices, factories, food production areas, manufacturing plants, hotels, restaurants, gymnasiums, leisure centres, schools, colleges and universities. Because temperature control is an important issue for some environments, we also install into surgeries, hospitals and healthcare facilities.


Keep your workforce cool, productive and profitable with state-of-the-art HVAC installations which we support with a full range of maintenance and repair services. Commercial clients in Eastbourne, the surrounding areas and the UK also benefit from the following:


• A tailored installation unique to the working environment

• Help in choosing a quality product that performs as it should

• Affordable solutions including full design and development

• Ongoing support from our team of aircon contractors

• A friendly brand of customer service and guaranteed workmanship


Wall-Mounted Systems


Wall-mounted units come with remote controls for easy activation, temperature control and fan adjustment. Models come in 24-hour timer and wired control options. Copper pipework allows for floor, roof or balcony mounting too. This type of installation is great for offices, restaurants and environments which produce heat. It improves the consumption of energy, reduces CO² emissions and provides exceptional performance for a low cost.


Ceiling-Mounted Systems


These sophisticated indoor systems have a pipework run of up to 75m and an installation at your Eastbourne, Sussex, Surrey or Kent premises from our aircon contractors significantly lowers energy costs. Systems come with 24/7 programmable timers and remote-controlled operation for adjusting temperatures, mode settings and fan speeds. Clients can also access a series of data functions including fault diagnosis and the unit’s operational history.


Infrared systems have wireless control but with less functionality. This is the perfect solution for businesses with limited space. We can also supply in compact size for quiet outdoor use.


Ducted Systems


Compatible for multisystem uses, ducted HVAC systems have seven-day timers with wired wall controls, temperature sensors and two on/off settings. Systems restart automatically in the event of interruption to the power supply. Remote controls allow users to change the temperature, fan speed, mode settings and timer settings. Units provide access to service data for the compressor speed, the operational history and faults in the system.


For restricted external spaces, we install a more compact unit with low sound levels.


Cassette-Recessed Systems


This advanced, high-specification system with large ducting mounts horizontally and utilises an inverter for energy-saving performance. With long pipework runs, consistent output of temperature and ease of control, cassette-recessed systems adjust on heating and cooling performance to save on energy costs. Our aircon contractors offer a full installation service. Units have a sophisticated range of user and service data functions for your peace of mind.


Installations in Eastbourne and the surrounding Sussex, Surrey and Kent areas have low sound output and exceptional airflow thanks to the inclusion of a heat exchanger.


Heat Recovery Systems


Save up to 30% on heating and cooling costs with a heat recovery unit that optimises the wasted energy derived from your business. Units also extract stale air to leave you with a cleaner, more comfortable working environment. Installations from our aircon contractors begin to reimburse capital expenditure costs from the very first use, and continue to reduce utilities throughout their lifespan – often paying for themselves in the form of savings.


The improved air quality around your workplace improves morale, increases productivity, boosts profitability and ultimately reduces the number of sick days taken by staff.


For installations in Sussex, Surrey, Kent and locations near Eastbourne, contact our aircon contractors on 01273 515522 or 07855 484553. We also cover all UK areas.

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