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Commercial Rewires in Horsham

Companies need a consistent supply to power their businesses and the best performance levels come from electrical installations modernised by electrical contractors. CES Ltd is a specialist in the field of commercial rewires. We offer a full and partial rewiring service for commercial refurbishments and for shop refurbishments. Located in Newhaven, we cover all areas in our region including the West Sussex market town of Horsham.


Commercial rewires differ to domestic rewires because electrical contractors often have to work with three-phase instead of single-phase supplies. They require a different set of skills and a detailed understanding of what a three-phase power supply involves. In many cases, a domestic electrician won’t have as wide a range of skills as a commercial electrician.


This is why you should always use commercial electrical contractors for commercial rewires and electrical installations on commercial and shop refurbishments in the Horsham area.


From the perspective of a business, the electrical side of commercial refurbishments might seem a concern and just one more service that adds to the overall cost of a project. Electrical installations, rewires and upgrades actually work out to be more cost-effective than first anticipated. Businesses that invest into commercial rewires and installations benefit from energy-saving performance, increased productivity and lower utility costs.


Businesses in Horsham also have to consider the welfare of their employees under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, and their obligations to comply with the current edition of the Wiring Regulations.


Below, we provide more details on the processes we use for commercial rewires.


Surveys, Evaluations and Quotations


All commercial rewires start with a survey of the business property and an evaluation from our electrical contractors. The survey gives us an insight into the complexity of commercial refurbishments and shop refurbishments. It also tells us a little more about your current electrical installations and whether or not you need to upgrade them. Older premises in Horsham often have safety and compliancy issues we have to factor into the quotation.


The quotation itself presents you with an accurate price on labour and material costs, and ensures you never have to worry about incurring additional fees further into the job.


If you have any special requirements, or if you want to combine commercial rewires and electrical installations to lower the cost, we’ll also quote you for additional socket points, alarm systems, HVAC units, refrigeration units, ambient lighting and emergency lighting.


Our electrical contractors listen to your own ideas carefully so it’s always a good idea to discuss what you expect from commercial refurbishments or shop refurbishments in Horsham during the survey and evaluation stage. In doing so, CES Ltd can include additional aspects into the design and provide a more complete service once the project begins.


The Process


There’s a good chance that we’ll have to work alongside other contractors once the project starts and commercial rewires usually happen during the first-fix phase, before the drywall installation and plastering takes place. This is the same time plumbers and central heating engineers work on commercial refurbishments and shop refurbishments. It’s important that we work harmoniously with other contractors to make the project run more smoothly.


The first-fix phase is important for electrical contractors because they can’t surface-mount new cable. A full or partial rewire in a finished Horsham property causes upheaval and a significant amount of extra work for everybody involved – and usually at extra cost to the client.


Electrical installations, and especially the addition of new equipment, require us to work the first-fix and second-fix phases. The first-fix phase focuses more on commercial rewires and running the cables to operate new equipment from the source to the installation point. At the end of the second-fix phase, usually when other contractors have finished their work, we connect the equipment to the cables and secure everything into place.


The first-fix phase is also the best time to run cable for the switches, sockets, alarms, smoke detectors and lighting. Commercial refurbishments and shop refurbishments in Horsham need careful planning and the design skills of time-served electrical contractors who work well with other tradesmen on the job to deliver the best possible outcome for the client.


Please contact us to discuss commercial rewires and electrical installations.


For commercial rewires and electrical installations in Horsham, contact CES Ltd on 01273 515522 or 07855 484553.

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