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Electrical Installations in Crawley

At CES Ltd, we’re incredibly proud of the reputation we’ve built in and around Crawley, where we’ve come to be known as the premier provider of electrical installations and commercial rewires. We’re always stepping in to help clients with their commercial refurbishments and shop refurbishments, replacing all the essential infrastructure to make a building more energy efficient, functional and safe. In this article we’ve looked to answer a few common queries regarding commercial rewires – which our electrical contractors deliver to a standard, and at a price, that you simply won’t find elsewhere.


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Your Queries on Commercial Rewires, Answered


Why rewire a premises in the first place?


The most important reason is to address glaring safety issues. Some properties around Crawley, which haven’t undergone commercial refurbishments / shop refurbishments in a very long time, are fitted with old wiring and electrical installations. These are at risk of short-circuiting and causing a fire or a (potentially fatal) electric shock. As a result, they fall far short of meeting the required building regulations which govern commercial electrics.


But the second big reason is practicality. Older Crawley properties simply aren’t up to the demands of modern working life. Nowadays we use more electrical appliances than ever before, and they have often have higher demands for power. If you’re always finding yourself short of plug sockets, and are having to employ extension cords as a temporary measure, you’ll know the pain!


How do I know if my premises needs rewiring?


While you may fall foul of safety laws if you perpetually avoid commercial rewires when the aforementioned issues arise, there are no set-in-stone guidelines for when you should rewire. So it’s more a case of keeping an eye out for certain red flags. If you see casing on wires has been damaged or degraded, that outlets, lights and sockets have ceased to work, or if the lighting simply isn’t up to scratch anymore – we recommend calling in our electrical contractors in Crawley. Also keep an eye out for cables coated with fabric, lead or rubber. These are old cables used before the 1960s, and a sure-fire way to know your electrics are out of date by a decade or two!


We can quickly provide further investigation, and advice pertaining to when, if at all you, commercial rewires are required. While many clients want rewires and similar electrical installations carried out as part of wider commercial refurbishments and shop refurbishments, keep in mind that this isn’t essential. Sometimes it’s just a rewire that needs taken care of, and not decorative work etc.


Do electrical contractors always rewire an entire building?


No. Sometimes full commercial rewires are really the only smart way to go about the job, but other times partial rewires can be carried out as a means of reducing disruption to your day-to-day business (which might otherwise have to close temporarily). It’s really a case-by-case thing, and you’ll need our electrical contractors to visit and carry out a survey to see if a partial rewire or full rewire is in order.


Full rewires which include the implementation of a new lighting plan, with energy efficient LED bulbs to reduce your energy usage by up to 20%, are a great thing to include as part of full commercial refurbishments and shop refurbishments.


To discuss your individual requirements for electrical installations or commercial rewires with the Crawley area’s favoured electrical contractors, call 01273 515522 or 07855 484 553.

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