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An Electrical Service in Eastbourne for Commercial Clients

In Eastbourne and searching for a new electrician? It might be that you’re dissatisfied with the service provided by electrical contractors you’ve previously used, or it could be the first time you’ve needed the assistant of commercial electricians or industrial electricians. Whatever the reason you’re back in the market and searching around, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, the CES Ltd team has looked to provide advice on choosing an electrical service provider.


We ourselves have a lot of experience providing a litany of services throughout Eastbourne and throughout the wider UK – serving as everything from fire alarm installers, aircon contractors, refrigeration contractors. So in this respect, we might seem a little biased! But we’ve looked to layout and detail categories which everyone will agree it’s important for commercial electricians and industrial electricians to succeed in, before looking at how we succeed in each respective area. Even if you end up opting for a competing electrical service provider, we hope it will help you avoid sub-bar contractors who carry out a poor standard of work and lack in the customer service department.


Tips on Choosing Commercial Electricians in Eastbourne


Specialism – There are big differences between what a solely domestic electrician does, and what commercial electricians and industrial electricians do. Residential electricians typically work with single phase power supplies between 120 and 240 volts, and offer a different electrical service range altogether.


Commercial electricians typically employ a three-phase approach to wiring, which have varying levels of voltage. Their service range is more likely to crossover into the realm of aircon contractors, refrigeration contractors and fire alarm installers – who Eastbourne homeowners rarely find themselves in need of! Many commercial electricians do not also serve as industrial clients, like ours do. So when seeking out electrical contractors, first ask them the areas they specialise in and the electrical service package that they offer.


Experience & Qualifications – It goes without saying that electrical work is dangerous. There are numerous hazards that need to be safeguarded against, not least the risk of electrical fires and potentially fatal shocks. To use an unqualified electrician would thus pose a significant and completely avoidable risk.


We urge Eastbourne companies to inquire about the level of qualification and experience which commercial electricians and industrial electricians hold. CES Ltd, for example, has an impressive list of accreditation which ensures clients have total peace of mind.


For example, we have dedicated health and safety consultants and SSSTS site supervisors, are UKPIA trained to work on petrol forecourts and are fully compliant with BS7671:2015 (the essential electrical standards). Our team also have undergone training to City & Guilds and NVQ standards, and carry CSCS cards.


References & Reputation – With so many reputational aggregators and online sources at your fingertips, it would be silly not to do a quick Google search to see what other Eastbourne companies are saying about their experiences with particular commercial electricians or industrial electricians. But these don’t always paint a full picture…


Use them in conjunction with references, which may provide more detail of the standard of a particular electrical service than a general online review, to get a good feel for the standard of work an electrician / electrical contractors carry out.


Guarantees – Another important thing to check is the presence of guarantees. This gives you peace of mind knowing that, if something should go wrong, you’re 100% covered. Not all electrical contractors offer the same guarantees. At CES Ltd, we offer three: NICEIC, manufacturer and company warranties.


Quotes are Key – At the end of the day, it’s not enough for electrical contractors to just offer good workmanship and customer service, if their prices are entirely unreasonable! This is why we urge prospective Eastbourne clients to contact us, or indeed any other commercial electricians and industrial electricians they may be sounding out, to receive a quote. Ours are highly competitive, and the icing on the cake!


In business, every penny saved can contribute to improving your margins. It makes little sense to enlist the services of, for example, fire alarm installers, refrigeration contractors or air con contractors for above the market rate.


Decided that we’re the commercial electricians for your Eastbourne business? Call 01273 515522 or 07855 484553 to discuss your required electrical service with a trained electrician.

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